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The Rural Accommodation called "El Jaral" is located in El Atazar, a small town in the mountains, 70km from Madrid.



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Our services and amenities

El Jaral offers you a true hotel experience with closeness, comfort and the best services at an affordable price.

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The accommodations have a living room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen equipped with ceramic hob, fireplace, and television that will give you a feeling of comfort.

Outdoor activities

El Jaral offers you a wide variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, climbing, multi-adventure, mountaineering, canoeing, fishing, hunting and sailing, etc...

equipped kitchen

If you want to prepare your own food, our accommodation offers you fully equipped kitchenware.

independent accommodation

Each accommodation has its own key, to have your independent and private space when you need it.

the jaral


The Municipality of The Atazar It is located about 76 km from Madrid (tourism zone of the Sierra Norte Y Lower Lozoya Valley from Madrid), in the north of the region, near the province of Guadalajara, at about 995 meters above sea level and has an area of ​​29.50 km2. Located in the region of the lower valley of Lozoya, it has an unbeatable location. It is located halfway up the slope, with views of the El Atazar reservoir and surrounded by mountains. Its environment is nature in its purest form. The dam engineering that has taken the name of this municipality and the environment in which it is located are its two main attractions.

Nor can we forget the Old Fountain located under the bridge 1 km before reaching the town and which dates from the 15th century, although it is attributed to its Arab origin.

In the basins of the Puebla and Riato rivers there is riparian forest. In the meadow there are oak, gall oak, ash trees, etc. and ash trees in the La Pasá stream. The rest of the territory is occupied by scrub, mainly rockrose, rosemary, thyme and steppe. There are also numerous holm oaks scattered throughout the municipality.

The origin of the name is not known with certainty. Formerly it was "Latazar", as mentioned in the Book of the Hunting of Alfonso XI. Some authors attribute a Celtic-Germanic and even Basque root to it, although most prefer to see an Arab origin.

the jaral


Hiking, bird watching, bicycle routes, climbing, multi-adventure, mountaineering, canoeing, fishing, sailing and hunting, etc...

The town is bordered, to the north, by a pleasant promenade. Next to him is the park of the eras, where the old cobblestones on which threshing was carried out have been recovered. It constitutes a superb viewpoint towards the surrounding mountains, among which Mount Pinilla (1,389 m) and Mount Somosierra (1,493 m) stand out.


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